About Us

Grinder Stump Removal is the top value stump removal company serving the Greenville and Spartanburg areas of South Carolina

Grinder Stump Removal is the top value stump removal company serving the Greenville and Spartanburg areas of South Carolina

Founded in 2006 by David Nation after years in the tree care industry, Grinder Stump Removal is focused on customer satisfaction, sound business principles, and maintaining an A+ BBB rating.

We guarantee our work meets or exceeds our commitments. Our typical quote unless otherwise directed by the customer includes a commitment to grind the stump 6-8" below surrounding grade, and chase surface roots until they are 4 inches below ground level or less than 2 inches in diameter. There are instances where roots extend below ground far beyond the typical area of the stump. In order to preserve your lawn, we will review these situations together if they occur and decide whether or not to leave the lawn and root in tact depending on your needs. There are no additional fees for this regardless of your decision.

There are 2 options included in our standard grind at no additional cost. 1) A mix of soil and mulch generated during the grinding process can be rough graded in place. 2) The majority of mulch can be set beside the stump and the remaining material rough graded in place. Both of these options are a tremendous value to the homeowner, and this is an uncommon offering. Finally there is an option to haul and dispose of the majority of mulch generated, but this service requires additional fees.

In the event that you find our work has not met our commitment, we will make you a priority to correct something that was missed. This applies if the error is found a day or a year after work was completed. Our belief is the work was either done properly or it wasn't. The amount of time passed should not be a factor. In the spirit of fairness to ourselves, the committed depth is from existing grade, and does not account for future excavation plans unless quoted as such.

Our standard terms and conditions are below:

Stumps ground 6" to 8" below ground level and surface roots removed. All debris to remain on site. Customer may request debris removal for an additional fee. Grinder Stump Removal assumes no responsibility for damages to unmarked private undergrounds including and not limited to electrical, irrigation, drainage, & septic. A list of private utility locators can be obtained from 811. Great care will be taken to minimize impact to your lawn, however Grinder Stump Removal cannot assume responsibility for lawn scuffing which can occur due to travel and positioning on the lawn.

There is a 5% surcharge for credit card payment, or use of credit card through PayPal.